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MTS Group LLC., is a nationwide appraisal and title management company providing services to a variety of mortgage originators, servicers, quality control outsourcers, credit unions, and secondary entities. We are committed to providing world-class service through a consultative approach designed to build a trusted mutually beneficial relationship. We are customer focused working each day to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

We provide nationwide coverage through a valuations panel consisting of state licensed and certified appraisers, licensed real estate agents, and inspectors. We offer all conventional and FHA appraisals, Residential Evaluations, AVMs, Property Condition Reports, and Broker Price Options streamlined for your convenience through one location.

First Mortgage and equity lenders, mortgage servicers, and law firms rely on title search reports to determine the legitimacy of the property in question. A title search requires a thorough examination of property records to establish ownership of the property in question. We provide full chain title searches, current owner, and two owner searches which include protection from loses.

Our customer base consists of local and national lenders, credit unions, mortgage servicers, quality control outsourcers, and secondary entities who have a variety of needs. We offers a wide array of products and services, all designed to make lending simpler and efficient. Whether its a streamlined refinance, a $10,000,000 purchase, a HELOC, or complicated Commercial transaction, we have the solution that fit your needs.

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We use local independent licensed and certified appraisers, licensed real estate agents, and inspectors. We implemented a rigorous vetting, monitoring, and product review process to assure all work is completed by professionals with the highest quality standards. Thus, ensuring our customers receive an unbiased high-quality valuation to make an informed lending decision.

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We believe you will find our company to be a unique service organization. We offer an experienced, efficient, and reliable customer service team designed to reduce your overhead expenses and streamline your process.  Responsive customer service sets MTS Group apart from other AMCs. A strong and diversified vendor network with an experienced and dedicated staff who are a pleasure to work with makes MTS Group a reliable and trusted vendor partner.


Compliance is built into our process, not as an add on or an afterthought. All appraisal reports are assigned to pre-qualified local appraisers based on a combination of geographic competency, past performance and client requirements. Our appraisal management practices are compliant with all state and federal laws as well as appraisal guidelines. We proactively handle each order according to a quality standard designed to discover errors, support appraiser independence (AIR), and ensure a quality finished product. MTS Group is dedicated to acting in compliance with state and federal laws that regulate AMCs.

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At MTS we are here for only one purpose and that is to make things easier for you our client partner. We would love the chance to earn your business.

Valuation Products

  • AVM (Automated Valuation Model)
  • Property Condition Report
  • Residential Evaluation Interior/Exterior
  • Appraisal Interior/Exterior
  • Desktop Appraisal
  • In-House Desk Review
  • In-Field Desk Review
  • Field Review (FNMA 2000)
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Title Search Products

  • Property Report
  • Title Search
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Search
  • Tax Search
  • Mortgage Recordation
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Commercial Products

  • Commercial Property Condition Report
  • Commercial Evaluation
  • Commercial Appraisal Desk Review
  • Commercial Property Report
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Valuation Products

AVM (Automated Valuation Model)

An automated service that uses mathematical modeling to value properties. Models available: RealInfo: iVal, Ival Plus, Freddie Mac: Home Value Explorer® (HVE®); Collateral Analytics CA Value , CA Value MC, CoreLogic®: PASS®, ValuePoint® 4; Veros Real Estate Solutions: VeroVALUE™; Black Knight: Realtor Valuation Model (RVMAVM™), ValueSure™, SiteXValue™

Property Condition Report

An onsite inspection performed by a real estate professional to assess the condition of the exterior improvements. The real estate professional notes any obvious items of overdue maintenance and makes general comments on the neighborhood. Provides three photos of the property, including a street scene and address verification. Interior inspections also available.

Residential Evaluation Interior/Exterior

Report performed by a local real estate professional which includes; neighborhood analysis of the property, comparable properties, and local as well as regional market information. Generally used in situations where lenders have low LTV situations and an AVM is not adequate. Available where allowable by state regulations.

Appraisal Interior/Exterior

Licensed professional appraiser's opinion of value based on their research appropriate to market areas. Appraisers use their knowledge, experience and professional judgment to assemble and analyze pertinent information about the property. Information is compiled in a report using appropriate forms. Most commonly used appraisal forms offered by MTS: FNMA 1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report; FNMA 2055 Drive-By; 1004D Update and/or Completion Inspection; FNMA 1025 Multi-Family; Vacant Land Only.

Desktop Appraisal

Desktop appraisals are limited in scope as a site inspection is not required. A local licensed or certified real estate appraiser will prepare the report by collecting and analyzing data from any sources they deem reliable. The appraiser will compare the subject property to recent area sales in order to develop an opinion of value.

In-House Desk Review

Helps verify the adequacy and apparent relevancy of the data used. The Desk Review (form 2006) is prepared by an MTS appraiser but does not offer a value judgment. No inspection is made of the subject property or the comparables.

In-Field Desk Review

Completed on the FNMA 2006 Desktop Review form. A local independent fee appraiser reviews the original appraisal report, analyzing the logic and reasoning of the report, and the appropriateness of the methods and techniques adopted by the original appraiser. No inspection is made of the subject or the comparable sales. Depending upon the availability of data and the market in which the subject property is located, the appraiser can make a judgment as to the value of the property; however, this is not a requirement of the appraisal.

Field Review (FNMA 2000)

Appraiser completes an exterior-only inspection of the subject property and looks at comparable sales data. Lenders use this form for the spot-check appraisal component of their quality control process. Intended to provide the lender/client with an opinion on the accuracy of the appraisal report under review.

Title Search Products

Property Report

The Current Owner Search identifies the legal vesting status, including grantor, execution date, recording date, recording reference, and financial encumbrances associated with a specific piece of residential property.

Title Search

A comprehensive search that identifies, for a specified time period, the legal vesting status and historic chain of title associated with a particular residential property. Outlines the ownership and all encumbrances for a residential property. Also includes current and prior deed information that lists: grantor, execution date, recording date, recording reference.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Search

Identifies filings recorded at the state level for an individual or commercial entity. Additional inclusions are names of the filing party and debtor, case number, date filed, and as applicable, continuations filed, lapse, and termination.

Tax Search

Provides information regarding current and past due taxes for a specific piece of property. Each taxing authority is clearly identified along with the specific tax period and includes: tax type, parcel number, amount paid at discount, face, and penalty, payment date, mailing address of tax collector, issuance date, and delinquencies, if any.

Mortgage Recordation

MTS verifies signatures, notary seals, and requisite recordings for mortgages, and then forwards for recordation. We offer overnight delivery, 100% tracking of documents, and e-recording in certain locations.

Commercial Products

Commercial Property Condition Report

Inspector performs on-site examination to assess the condition of the exterior improvements, noting any items of overdue maintenance and making general comments on location and neighborhood. Provides three photos of the property, including a street scene and address verification. Interior inspections also available.

Commercial Evaluation

Reports include and address construction quality, site utility, current zoning, assessment information, highest and best use, projected use and external obsolescence. Analyzes local market trends, including vacancy rates and the subjacent zoning, assessment information, and the properties within the local market. Each evaluation includes a site inspection current subject photos at the time of inspection.

Commercial Appraisal Desk Review

If a lender has directly engaged a commercial appraiser and would like an independent third-party review, MTS can coordinate this effort. Our national appraisal network consists of commercial appraisers who are geographically competent, have the appropriate level of education, field experience, and meet the service level expectations of MTS Group and its clients. Our quality control processes ensures all appraisals receive an internal review before delivery to the client. Third Party reviews are on a bid basis. General pricing is developed depending on the level of the review and scope of the assignment.

Commercial Property Report

The report is based on the current owner of record and outlines the legal and vesting status, as well as the current financial encumbrances associated with a specific commercial property. The report contains current deed information including grantor, execution date, recording date, and recording reference. Current assessment information, including parcel number, open mortgages of record, judgments and other involuntary liens. UCC filings at the county level. Current tax information. A fully typed legal description of the subject property and a copy of current deed(s).


By integrating with today’s leading LOS, we provide lenders with seamless system-to-system electronic transmission of data and reports for fewer steps and efficient & faster turn times.

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At MTS Group, we’re on a mission to increase our customers productivity by delivering real estate information solutions more efficiently while offering world class customer service that meets and exceeds our customer expectations. We achieve this through the strategic intersection of people, technology, and today’s data. It's a partnership that brings you over 100 years of combined industry experience among ownership and our valued employees.

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